Why Master Perfumers Respect Ambroxan and it's Use in Frgrance.

Why Master Perfumers Respect Ambroxan and it's Use in Frgrance.

If you are a lover of fragrances that has a passion for going into depth when learning about fragrance notes here's an interesting insight about Ambroxan. It is a synthetic fragrance notes which belongs to the ambergris family. Ambergris is more expensive and rarer as it is the secretion from sperm whales that floats to the ocean's surface, because of this scientist sort an alternative which we now use called Ambroxan. In addition, the use of Ambergris has been banned in some countries because of ethical concerns. All of these factors led to the development of the synthetic substitute of Ambroxan. It is usually found in the base notes of fragrances and perfumers also use Ambroxan to boost performance of their perfumes. This is because of it's fixative properties that helps other fragrance notes last longer when combined with ambroxan.


Ambroxan has gained a lot of popularity as a note that can stand alone due to it's unique olfactory profile. It is a musky, woody, animalistic and slightly sweet scent with a modern feel. As it is a base note, it also provides a warm foundation to other fragrance notes. One major advantage of Ambroxan is it's versatility where it can be used in a variety of fragrance categories such as fresh, woody and oriental.


Parfum De Marly is well known for incorporating Ambroxan as a fragrance note, hence PDMs fragrances having boosted performance. Some popular PDM clones are Sidely, Adhara and Perzival that ALL include Ambroxan in their base.


Sidely inspired by Parfums De Marly Sedley is a classic fragrance for men that captures fresh, aromatic, watery scents with an amber accord. Capturing the essence of serenity and finesse in everyday wear. Ambroxan versatility is seen in Sidely where it's woody scent profile and olfactory journey is captured. In it's background, the ultimate woody background signature embodies tradition mixed with contemporary aestheticism.


Another popular Ambroxan clone is Adhara inspired by Parfums De Marly Althair, for men. Here Ambroxan provides it's warm foundation while Adhara is also fresh, light, gourmand and includes vanilla and citrus with a noble woody scent profile from Ambroxan. It is a majestic, subtle and surprisingly fresh elixir, for elegant, generous and charismatic men.


Perzival inspired by Parfums de Marly Percival is a unisex scent where it top main accord in amber. A fresh, sensual and redefines scent. It is a perfect versatile scent.

Lastly Savage inspired by Dior Sauvage and an act of creation is marked by raw freshness which is given of by ambroxan. This perfume is a symbol of boldness and elegance of a man. Also adding to it's woody scent profile is ambroxan. 

 Synthetics are the backbone of modern perfumery and ambroxan is a well-known ingredient among these. The history of Ambroxan is indeed a fascinating one as Ambroxan is obtained from a natural component of clary sage called sclareol. It is definitely a unisex scent and a modern classic. It is a classic and a most famous, most important molecule in perfumery. It's effective in small amounts and adds projection as well as radiance. Derived from premium sources, it is a high-quality ingredient prized for it's versatile and long-lasting nature.


Ambroxan definitely takes fragrances to a complex place, and is an isolated ingredient that perfumers often refer to as a wonder molecule. You'll find it included in different concentrations of so many best-selling fragrances not only the ones mentioned above although these are some top picks. In a blend ambroxan extends while it acts as an olfactory magnifying glass, glazing over top notes, while it also rounds off the overall punch of a fragrance.

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