What Affects Fragrances Longevity?

What Affects Fragrances Longevity?
Wearing perfumes that are long lasting gets us compliments, helps us impress that special someone or keeps us smelling great while we tackle our day. Whatever the occasion we all want to smell great and get the most out of your fragrances. From choosing fragrances based on concentration of oils to how you apply them here are 6 factors that affect the longevity of your fragrances. 
1. Whether your perfumes are EDP/EDT/Parfums can affect its lasting time. Parfums has the highest level of oils (40% oil) which can be overpowering, while EDP has 15-25% which creates a fragrance that can last you on average 8-12 hrs, these scents are long lasting, provides a wide selection of fragrances that are EDPs with a oil concentration of 25% that keeps you smelling clean and fresh throughout your day. EDT has the lowest concentration of oils 5-15 % and highest water and alcohol ratio.
2. Applying fragrances to your pulse points such as inside of elbows and wrist, neck and spritzing it in your hair and skin creates diffused, long lasting scents. 
3. You should select fragrances based on the climate you are in as this affects the way your fragrance projects along with it's lasting power. For the cold season lusher floral notes hold stronger, whereas lighter scents work better for the summer and spring seasons. 
4. Storing your fragrances in a heated, natural light can oxidize fragrances, where you store fragrances is very important. Store your fragrances in a cool, dark place to help them keep it's true intended scent and prevent loosing precious notes.
5. To help your fragrance last longer try using unscented body lotion especially if you have dry skin so your fragrance has something to hang on to which does not make it easy to evaporate.
6. Don't apply by rubbing your wrist together, heat and friction created by doing this breaks the formula up reducing it's lasting power, try lightly dabbing instead.
These are a few tips and tricks that affects the longevity of your fragrances helping you to get the most out of your fragrances.

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